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3D adventure game | platform : PC | engine: Unreal Engine | language : C++ | role: design and development | team size: solo

Adventure through a distant land with a young drake, Elyra in search of her brothers and sisters. Explore the mesmerising world of the Crystal Isles where the crystal-back drakes settled not long ago. Help Elyra to find her missing family while she still has enough strength. The journey is long and the island is great with lots forests, mountains and dead ends. Elyra’s strength lasts while she can recharge herself with food found on the way.


How can I not make a game about dragons? Cats, unicorns and dragons. Can I get any more stereo-typically girly? Some might think that but my love towards these creatures of reality and fantasy is beyond stereotypes. I adore them for their abilities and stories they take place in starting from ancient mythologies, through games and arts, and even some of real life encounters like fossils and other proofs of a glimpse of possible existence.

Horizon was born in 2016 during the summer and the first semester of the third year in university. It all started as an Unreal Engine exploration project and ended up as a course submission for C++ game programming. I wanted to create a game the allows me the familiarise with this industry-standard game engine while also puts out of my comfort zone of using Unity for years. My goal was to understand the main principle and strength of this different environment while making a visually appealing, simple and completed game.


While getting to know the advantages of the engine and learning C++, I also focused to strengthen my level design and game story writing skills. The  story of Elyra enchanted me from the beginning. I enjoyed immersing myself into her world and her adventures to follow a well connected story path with visual and written clues to guide her to her missing family. I have put a lot of effort into making the game environment themes and landscapes within the engine based on my carefully created level design. I followed aspects of different real-life biomes and in-game environments.

For more information about the game design please see the uploaded documentation which formed part of the submitted coursework:

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