Technical Design Intern @ Activision, Toys for Bob

Create white box levels (EU4) and supported other designers with new level mechanic prototypes. Implemented new player and enemy abilities with AI state machines. Prototyped (Blueprints) new mechanics for hazards and interactive objects. Created props for level mechanics.

CATCH - 22

Group project: Producer & Development Manager

​A 3D high intensity casual game couch co-op, set in an emotional environment of a battle field hospital.

Focus areas: Project management and production flow, agile development, material creation (Substance Designer) and low poly modeling (Maya)


Game jam project: Designer & Front end dev

​A 3D dungeon crawler using MS Mixer for interactive spectator gameplay. Made in Unity, with a team of 3 over 2 weeks.

Focus areas: Design for streaming and interactive spectator experience, UI design and development, level design


Solo project

An experimental project to improve my skills using Unreal Engine.

Focus areas: C++ and Unreal development, level design, environmental design using acquired assets.

Design documents available!


Game jam project: Designer & Artist

​A 2D platformer with local co-op multiplayer based on action words: "fold" & "carry". Created with a team of 3 in 2 weeks, using Unity.

Focus areas: Stop-motion animation, asset creation, C# development, Photoshop, photography


Professional work: Junior Game Designer @ Plarium

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I worked on this project at Plarium Ltd in London as a Junior Game Designer with a creative team of ten.

Responsibilities: writing design documentation, contextualising specific game features, creating and presenting new ideas, building levels in Unity using customised tools.


Game jam project: Designer & Front end dev

​A 3D casual game jam project. Designed around the emotion prompt: "Silly". Made in Unity, with a team of 3 over 2 weeks.

Focus areas: Design for player emotion, touch input optimization, shading and lighting


Game jam project: Designer & Front End Dev

A tower defence-like, 48-hour contender project of the King Game Jam, with a team of four.

Responsibilities: designing game features, front end development in Unity & C#


Group project: Game Designer & Project Manager

A university group project of eight student, using Oculus Drift VR to experience a rhythm based action game.

Responsibilities: creating and documenting the game design, leading the design team, managing JIRA

Design documents available!


2-dev Co-op project: Designer & Programmer

A project created during a summer holiday as a personal project to show the development of my new kitten in a form of a puzzle game.

Focus areas: C# and Unity development focusing on optimisation, Unity tool extension for easy content updates and in-game shop connection with the Google Play Store.


Solo project

One of my first solo published projects, focusing on improving my basic skills as both a designer and a developer. The game is published on the Google Play Store.

Focus areas: game design, C# and Unity development, focusing on mobile input optimisation, physics and animation.


Undergraduate thesis

A virtual economy system designed to enable cross-game trading, player migration and the liquidity of in-game goods using blockchain technology and tokenisation. 

Focus areas: system design, game economy design, visualised analytics


Professional work: Junior Game Designer & Product Manager

A collection of browser-based mini games created for Winneroo Prizes with a team of 7.

Responsibilities: designing, prototyping and pitching new game ideas, UI/UX design of CMS system, content management, graphic design of assets & marketing material

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