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2D puzzle game | platform : Android | engine: Unity | language : C# | role: design and development | team size: 2

The sweetest of them all! Get to know my precious Pixie Bob kitten, Onyx via playing this relaxing 2D puzzle game on mobile. You can just kill some time going through the levels while following Onyx's adorable journey with us since kittenhood. ​Solve the levels to collect paws and unlock new bundles and levels. You can get to know Onyx's family and all his friends he has met during his journey .


When it's not unicorns, it's got to be cats! Now you know almost everything about me. I love colourful, sparkly and fluffy things in unlimited quantities. Project Onyx was another summer project inspired by my new baby kitten, Onyx. During the Christmas of 2015, I've decided to finally get a kitty so I picked one from an ad and reserved it. He was only 2 days old at that time. I had to wait 4 months before I could get my paws on him. It's was crazy long! So long, in fact, I even had the time to design a game around him. 

The main goal of the idea was really just to keep a nice diary of Onyx growing up. It meant to be a lot more simple and a lot more easy. Instead, I've decided to brush up some old skills and gain some new ones. Not long before this idea was created, the new Unity UI canvas and some other cool features were released in the new Unity update so I've decided to do a 2D game with 3D design elements.


I also wanted to swap to C# to get more experience with nice object oriented design and dynamic development techniques. I could say that the main focus was to improve my coding skills. I've experimented with a lot of new classes and implemented some network features such as connecting the game to the Google Play Store to enable in-game purchases. I also built a game updating system within the editor to allow new photos to be automatically added to the game to the right places in the right ways just by naming them correctly. This was the most challenging bit but once I figured it out it made the system super easy and fun to update.

With this project I have learnt to build a well optimised, object oriented game that has working in-game purchases. I also learnt the importance of cloud-base back-ups and version control. (See below..) :(

The game is no longer under further development. Unfortunately, it won't be in further development as the game files were destroyed via a nasty virus that attacked us last year. Unlucky enough, the back up hard drive also got abolished during this incident. Thankfully, my other projects were saved elsewhere on the cloud but this one did not survive. R.I.P. 

However, I do have the latest working APK but it has also a working Google Play store connection. Since the game is no longer in development, I will not publish the APK here but if you would like to have a go, please drop me an email on the Contact form.

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