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3D endless runner | platform : Android | engine: Unity | language : JS | role: design and development | team size: solo

You are a courageous and gallant unicorn whose fate is to gallop along an infinite rainbow bridge, swerving to collect the many precious gemstones you encounter on the way. But beware of the thunderous storm clouds that sap the fabled creature's vitality and slow his progress when you collide with them!

These can be deftly dodged by titling your device left and right to swiftly side-step, or if you've amassed enough of the special twinkling jewels then you can activate a special 'Rain Shield' ability by simply tapping the screen. This will let the supernatural stallion burst through the clouds to earn bounteous bonus points! 


During walking home from the last day of university on a rainy day in London, I realised I needed a lot more excitement and sunshine in my life. Being a unicorn fan, they are usually the first thing that pops into my mind when it comes to brainstorming. Then, I looked around myself and had the craving to just hopp on one and find a warmer and prettier place than the grey and wet eastern side of the capital. In lack of a teleport machine, I decided to make my wish come true virtually, (as this is always the second thing I think of after unicorns... "why not make a game of it?")

My intention with this game was to improve my JavaScript skills along with my overall development strategy including planning, research, designs, mock-ups, and documentation. This project truly thought me that a detailed plan documented in an organised manner goes a long way. In fact, so long that I could use this project for my second year game design course, yielding in a 90% mark. One shot, two birds!

Rainbow Storm was born during the summer of 2015. It was nurtured with JavaScript and raised up in the Unity game engine. I hold myself personally responsible for the design and development of the game however I blame Robert Ramsay for the UI art and BPStudio for the game music. 

The game is no longer under further development. The original release can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for Android phones.

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