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2D tower defence | platform : mobile | engine: Unity | language : C# | role: design, front end development | team size: 4

Start your career as an apprentice marketeer in this tower defence-like game. Place stalls in the buyers' ways and make sure they leave with an empty wallet. Manage your budget and ensure you satisfy your  needy boss, or you're fired!


The Marketeer was conceived and delivered at the King London office during a 48-hour game jam competition. Our team of four consisted of three university student and a freelance artist. We met at the opening of the event and immediately started to throw idea around until we came up with this hasty masterpiece. 

We were working closely, creating the game in fast iterations while altering the design until it was satisfying enough to present a tower defence-like game, contextualising in the form of an always angry boss and a very keep apprentice marketeer. 

My main responsibilities included designing and noting features of the game, ensuring that we are all on the same page. I also developed the front end of the game, including user input and UI animations.

The game runs on Android devices. Please contact me for access of the APK.

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