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3D VR game | platform : PC, HTC Vive | engine: Unity | language : C# | role: design | team size: 8

Immerse yourself to a vibrant club scene and become a VJ to create interesting visual effects to the music. Catch beat sparks to the beat to trigger the lasers and light beams. Watch your audience enjoy the show and grow your career by getting invited to bigger and more famous clubs. Are you ready to entertain thousands of crazy party people in the iconic dance floor of Amnesia, Ibiza?

Video created  and owned by Samuel Trudgian, developer.


With a team of 7 in the last group project of the year, we have decided to wonder into to the unknown and create our first VR project using HTC Vive. Every member of the group suggested a game idea of which we all voted to our favourite. My Visual Jockey game idea received the most votes and I was appointed as the lead game designer of the team.

My role was to design the game features and pitch them to the team for feedback and further iterations and changes. Once all features and system designs were agreed on, I created the design documentation on Atlassian Confluence for the separate departments to work from. I've provided game flows, wire frames, stories and balancing algorithms with graphs and tables. I have also  contributed to the management of our JIRA to create user stories and tickets for the design team, including audio and user interface design. I also designed and implemented prototype particle effects and animations to create some of the club lights.


The game design for the overall meta game system and the first 5 levels of the game were successfully designed. At the end of the project cycled, the development team has successfully created the prototype level to demonstrate the basic functionality of the game. The art team has achieved to create a large number of assets for further integration along with animations and 3D design. 

Upon demonstration, the project received a first class mark of 72%. We believe that we achieved great success with the game as the student feedback of the game play was very positive overall. The project was not continued as the semester end approached and we all prepared to start our dissertation research projects.


You can view the PDF exports of the project's design documentation from Atlassian Confuence below. Please note, that these exports are only serve as a reference to my work in the project. The team used the online platform to develop the feature designs.

  1. Design Plan

  2. Research

  3. Game Design

    1. Player​

    2. Beats

    3. Light System

    4. Party Vibe

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